Dusty Produce is Joshua Brown, designer, director, and author of this third-person bio. Currently, Josh is the Creative Director at Newport Restaurant Group, of one of New England's premier hospitality companies, where he heroically spends days eating test plates from photo shoots at world-class restaurants and enjoying the beaches of boutique hotels. But don't fret-most of the time, he sits safely behind a computer screen, concocting the sorts of things you see on this site.

How Magazine In-Howse Design Award
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How Magazine In-Howse Design Award
Newport Restaurant Group - A Culinary Journal

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Once upon a childhood, a neighborhood supermarket opened. A friend's father gave the store mediocre marks, specifically citing its dusty produce. Four boys loved the phrase so much, they immediately grabbed guitars and started penning power ballads. Alas, due to an unfortunate lack of musical talent, what once had high hopes of being a kick-ass band name now has settled as a simple design moniker.

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